What is changing in LIBRS 2.5?

In LIBRS 2.5 participating agencies will now assign both the LRS and the NIBRS code for all offenses and arrests.

Greater Control - By changing to this new data specification, submitting agencies will now have total control over what crime category each offense or arrest assigned to.

Simplified Process - The changes will simplify agency review of crime statistics of submitted data because the NIBRS codes will be easily viewed on an incident-by-incident basis in each data submission file.

New Data Elements - New data elements will be added to Victim information that will allow Louisiana to begin completely and correctly submitting LEOKA (Law Enforcement Officer Killed or Assaulted) data to NIBRS.

Build on Existing Systems - These changes expand upon the time-proven and NIBRS-certified WinLIBRS system and LIBRS Data Specifications 2.0/2.1 and will be detailed in the upcoming LIBRS 2.5 Guidelines and Specifications Manual.

LIBRS 2.5 will be Louisiana's response/solution/approach to the "National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X)" and increasing agency participation/reporting to NIBRS
2.5 Specification Documents