What is LIBRS?

The Louisiana Incident Based Reporting System (LIBRS) affords agencies the capability to submit crime statistics to the FBI electronically, freeing agency personnel to focus on other law enforcement related duties. The LIBRS System was developed by the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement in partnership with the Louisiana Sheriffs' Association.

  Why Implement LIBRS?

Preparing and submitting Summary UCR forms is sometimes complicated and always time consuming. A growing number of Louisiana agencies no longer need to compute (manually or otherwise) Summary UCR reports because they now participate in LIBRS. Getting law enforcement agencies “off paper”, and into an automated, electronic reporting system is the purpose of LIBRS system. A growing number of Record Management Systems (RMS) now have the capability to interface with LIBRS, including: ARRMS LIBRS 2.0, HTE, LEMIS, New World, Zuercher Technologies and PTS.

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  What Agencies are LIBRS Certified?

To view a list of agencies that are LIBRS certified, click here.


  Which Record Management Systems are LIBRS Compliance?

Agencies should be aware that NIBRS and LIBRS are very different data specifications and buying a NIBRS compliant RMS does not necessarily mean that the agency will be able to submit LIBRS data. Data sets created by the RMS must meet the LIBRS 2.0 specifications. No RMS has been certified as 100% LIBRS compliant.

To this date, most agencies that have been certified to submit LIBRS data are using RMS packages created by New World or HTE, or LEMIS software from the La. Commission on Law Enforcement. No agencies have been successfully certified using ADSI or Crimestar. Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office is using PTS.

St. James Parish Sheriff's Office is the first agency to be LIBRS certified in 2008. St. James is using ARMMS LIBRS V2.0. If you would like more information about this new version of ARMMS, visit www.thejbmgroup.com, or click the contact tab at the top of the page.

LEMIS IBR is a client/server based record management system developed for law enforcement agencies as a replacement for LEMIS 2000. There is no software license required and, for smaller agencies, no database software to purchase. Find out more by visited www.lalemis.org.