For the 2012 Edition of Crime in the US the FBI decided to publish only partial data from Louisiana NIBRS reporting agencies. They made this decision because the replacement for the Louisiana state reporting system was in testing following a server failure.

The FBI explained their decision to use the 'Underreported' footnote saying that "For FBI UCR Program publication purposes, the footnote did not imply these LEAs were not reporting all crime known to law enforcement. The verbiage in the footnote, which is standard, was applied to the specific offense(s) and the data were not published because the FBI and the State UCR Program at the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement acknowledged the data were not comparable to previous years' data. This was determined through monthly and year to year analysis of the data as well as during discussions with the State UCR Program manager. Oftentimes, this occurs due to a change in reporting practices, change in staff, or implementation of a new records management system (RMS). For the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement, the state was undergoing recertification of its National Incident-Based Reporting System because the state was upgrading its RMS."

In early 2014 Louisiana resubmitted all of the 2012 data from the NIBRS participating agencies in an attempt to update this partial publication. The FBI accepted and processed the data but stated that they cannot update their website to reflect any updated numbers nor change the footnote. The reports shown below were generated by the FBI from the resubmitted data.

Offenses and Clearances by Sherriff's Office
Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office - LA0030000 Click Here to View
Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office - LA0080000 Click Here to View
Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office - LA1000000 Click Here to View
Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office - LA0230000 Click Here to View

Offenses and Clearances by Police Department
Gonzales Police Department - LA0030200 Click Here to View
Sorrento Police Department - LA0030300 Click Here to View